tpg - Projects

AcessOS - OS
Status: Active
AcessOS is my longest running OS Dev project, and the most fully featured. It is a modular monolithic kernel that is capable of running Linux, Windows and native Acess applications without modifcation (in theory)

AcessMicro - OS
Status: In Development (Moving to usermode)
AcessMicro is a rebuild of AcessOS as a microkernel and servers. The architecture of AcessMicro is far cleaner, but slower (due to the nature of microkernels)

EmulOS - OS
Status: Stalled
EmulOS has been described as QEMU on steriods, it is an operating system kernel with a basic VFS and a framework to create an emulator on, allowing many different machines (such as GBA and Super Nintendo) to be emulated in one application

OpenStory - Game
Status: In Revival (Porting to Linux)
OpenStory is an open source clone of the MMORPG MapleStory written in SDL